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Historically, Merger Arbitrage strategies have proved to be extremely resilient when equity markets are in risk-off mode. Recent adverse market movements and new deal announcements led to a widening in deal spreads.

Deal spreads can nonetheless move rapidly, and current levels should rather be seen as an attractive entry point to reinforce the strategy in portfolios than a structural factor supporting the strategy. Add a new comment. Fixed income outlook for the second half of Read article. Sign In. Subscribe to the newsletter weekly - free. Register free. Traditionally, an active merger arbitrage manager will invest in a company being acquired, post the announcement of the merger but before the merger actually takes place while shorting the offering company.

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The premise is to capture the premium between the offer price and the prevailing price of the target stock. If the deal completes, the investor realizes a small return; if it fails, the investor faces potentially a large loss as the target stock drops back to the pre-offer price.

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The active manager would argue that skill is the key in determining the subset of deals to buy that are likeliest to complete. Academic literature, on the other hand, finds that the risk premium exists explicitly to compensate investors for the risk of deal failure. The merger arb fund offers liquidity to shareholders who want to sell to realize the gains they have already made and protect themselves if the deal fails to close.

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The literature argues that the return exists since the arbitrageur is taking on this negative skew risk. This risk can be reduced by diversifying across a large number of deals, significantly reducing the impact of any one deal failing to close. We believe that merger arbitrage deals' beta may explain a large portion of the return.

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They must short stock deals and rebalance portfolios as deals are announced and completed. Investment Glossary. Spread List News. Sign-up with MAL. Merger Spread Performance Analysis. Merger Arbitrage Trading Strategies.

Additional Resources Complementary to our merger arbitrage spread list, you can also access more FREE content using the menu bar above. Spread List Deal News MergerArbitrageLimited provides a dedicated news feed for the T20 portfolio spread tracker and potential candidate universe.

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Merger Arbitrage Spread List October 20, The average completion date is March 2, This gives an annualized return of Previously, February 26 , And Finally… We had previously suggested volatility would remain higher. The coming weeks will be dominated by earnings reports. Banks got off to a good start during the week although there are signs of a domestic consumer spending slowdown.

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Spreads tightened during the week as the broader market rose on positive earnings news. We have included Changyou.

current risk arb deals Current risk arb deals
current risk arb deals Current risk arb deals
current risk arb deals Current risk arb deals
current risk arb deals Current risk arb deals
current risk arb deals Current risk arb deals
current risk arb deals Current risk arb deals

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