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They even have a couple of beers on tap. A warm sandwich for next to nothing in Las Vegas? Yes, you can get yours at either Planet Hollywood or Caesars Palace. This taco spot next door to Wynn Las Vegas is in a strip mall and is as authentic as you get in Las Vegas. Work on your Spanish and consider getting creative with your protein choices. Two people are affordable — four people make these prices super cheap.

The Italian eatery is great to bring kids as the staff is super friendly and the decor bright and colorful. Pastrami and Corned beef piled high at Carnegie Deli at the Mirage a perfect late night comfort food after a rough night at the club or losing streak on the casino floor.

Top 10 budget restaurants in Las Vegas

Yes, the pizza at Five50 Pizza Bar is very affordable, but look down the menu to the small plates, and those gems are where the value lies. The prices aren't super inexpensive, but when you realize this is a shot at gourmet ingredients, the extra month will seem worthwhile. For a splurge, try the Dim Sum or daily seafood specials. It's just slightly off the strip, but you have to try Flock and Fowl because what these folks are doing to a bird is worth telling people about. It's also a great story to go back home and explain how you had a fantastic meal at a rundown strip mall in Las Vegas. Should you get excited about food courts?

Not if you find one in a shopping mall at home but if you are in Las Vegas do not dismiss them entirely.

The food court at Caesars Palace has a slew of low budget options from around the globe from pizza, to halal, to crepes, to Chinese. You can remedy that with the large portions at TAP Vegas and with the game day specials on beer and appetizers. If you aren't that hungry, split the pastrami burger with a couple of people.


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A cocktail under the sun in the middle of the day is a great way to take advantage of happy hour specials at Nine Fine Irishmen at New York-New York Hotel. Grab traditional Irish favorites or pub staples like onion rings or mac and cheese and watch the crowds stroll by. There are dozens of excellent savoury items on the long and confusing menu, but every one starts with the soup dumplings item P Called "Steamed Juicy Pork Buns" by the management, they are a staple of Shanghai noodle parlours and have a rich broth contained within the pork-filled dumplings.

Man does not live by dumplings alone, however, so be sure to order the crispy beef sweet, hot and crunchy — H28 on the menu , and the spicy lamb with cumin H Open daily This food court is in an Asian supermarket at the far end of Chinatown about four miles west of the Strip and will allow you to take your time and experiment with the myriad combinations of meat, noodles and vegetables that comprise the Korean diet.

If this place was easier to find it would have a queue out the door all day long. As it is, you can stand directly in front of the patisserie portion of the operation and not be aware there's a cosy, comfortable seat bistro adjacent to all those intense pastries and chocolates. As good as the breads, pastries and brunch items are, it's the seasonal prix fixe lunch that grabs the attention. Food this good at this price should be illegal.

Paris Las Vegas Restaurants

Open daily 6. This sole bastion of Verace Pizza Napoletana pizza certified as authentic by Italian authorities in Vegas has deliciously raised the pizza IQ and created a standard for excellence that makes it difficult to return to lesser pizza. True Italian wood-fired pizza is about the smoky, chewy-yet-crispy dough, and one bite of pizzaiolo Carmine D'Amato's margherita, cheese-less marinara or carbonara pizza with egg will have you swearing off franchised pizza forever.

Open daily 11ampm. Chef and owner Mitsuo Endo continues to create pristine Japanese robatayaki Japanese barbecue creations that put all others in town to shame — at prices that are far from wallet-bending — although the blizzard of plates that invariably show up on your table can ratchet up the cost if you're not careful.

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Every chef and foodie who comes to Vegas now makes a pilgrimage to Raku. What they find is a menu that's simplicity itself. Sit outside on the patio under giant yellow umbrellas for a nice view of the Mandalay Bay resort tower and part of the pool area. Unless it's, like, Guy Fieri's joint. Which is still more expensive than it has any right to be. It's not so much that you can do a celebrity-chef joint "cheaply," because you can't, but all things being relative these places are more cheap than their significantly more expensive counterparts.

There is absolutely nothing cheap about this place. If you want to check "dine at a 'Chef of the Century' restaurant" off your bucket list, do it here. You will probably never, ever eat at Restaurant Guy Savoy , but Brioche is the next best thing.

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Just kidding, no it's not, it's a generic grab-and-go kiosk with breakfast and lunch items and is NOTHING like Restaurant Guy Savoy, but at least it bears his name so you can keep living in your fantasy, which is really all that Vegas is about. At some point, a slice of pizza in Vegas will be the best thing you've ever tasted. Because at some point you will find yourself up way too late, with way too much liquor in your belly, jonesing for a slice.

And pizza, like sex, always scratches a particular itch at 2am. Whatever your preference for pie, Vegas has imported it. New York style, Chicago style, super-fancy gourmet foo-foo California style, Neapolitan style, Sicilian style, even Detroit-style pizza. These joints are as close to Vegas originals as you'll find, and they have a bit of a cult following as well as late hours because, again, 2am is closer than you think.

Very little is actually "secret" about Secret Pizza inside The Cosmopolitan anymore, based on the perhaps hour-long line down the narrow, unmarked hallway leading to it. What you get here are giant New York-style slices with higher-end toppings -- a bit more gourmet than a slice from, say, a Ray's. It's not the best pizza experience you'll ever have in life, but it's a Vegas thing you should experience at least once.

Naked City Pizza is, however, a genuine Las Vegas original, serving up massive sheet pizzas in a variety of flavors including the "Guinea Pie," which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and is covered in meatballs, spinach, ricotta, white garlic sauce, and mozzarella. Check out Naked City Tavern for the full experience, including the edible bacon candle. Nicole Rupersburg is a freelance journalist whose years living in Vegas have done permanent damage to her sense of "normal. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. V egas eats will go as baller as your credit limit and personal threshold will allow.

But dining out in Vegas doesn't have to be an exercise in buyer's remorse … and guilt… and regret….

restaurant deals on las vegas strip Restaurant deals on las vegas strip
restaurant deals on las vegas strip Restaurant deals on las vegas strip
restaurant deals on las vegas strip Restaurant deals on las vegas strip
restaurant deals on las vegas strip Restaurant deals on las vegas strip
restaurant deals on las vegas strip Restaurant deals on las vegas strip
restaurant deals on las vegas strip Restaurant deals on las vegas strip
restaurant deals on las vegas strip Restaurant deals on las vegas strip
restaurant deals on las vegas strip Restaurant deals on las vegas strip
restaurant deals on las vegas strip Restaurant deals on las vegas strip

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